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New pictures from CHSIB Tour at bottom of Page

Meat at his book signing in Rockville, Maryland. To read about it & see the pictures click here .

To see Pictures from Kasim's solo show in the Washington DC area Feb 27,2002 click Kasim .

To see pictures of Ray Andersen's Mr Ray shows in Maryland or his Blue Van Gogh show
 from July 1997 click Ray .

Here are my other pictures (some taken by me & some I was given permission to add here)

Me & Damon

Me & John

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Me & Patti

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Me & Kasim

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Patti & Meat at Clinton's Inaugural in 1997

<--Picture taken by Kuba at the last NOTP show in Antwerp.Kuba was part of the Orchestra for the NOTP tour.

Mark Alexander in pink frilly thing..Picture also taken by Kuba at the last NOTP show 
(fall 2001) in Antwerp-->

Night Of The Prom's 2001

These first pictures were captured from when NOTP was shown on TV in Europe. Click on the small picture to see it full size.

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 The next set are here with permission of the Gebhard Schmidt & the
Classic X Band was the cover band during the NOTP After Show VIP Parties.
Click on the small pictures to see them full size.
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MeatLoaf & Friends Just Havin' Fun For The Summer Tour 2002
(pictures with permission of & Laura England)

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pic taken by Laura England



More Pictures from MeatLoaf & Friends Just Havin' Fun For The Summer Tour 2002
(Pictures here with permission of Niva Bringas)


Meat Loaf - CHSIB Tour 2003

Outagamie County Fair - Seymour, WI - July 11, 2003

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with permission of Terry
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with permission of Terry
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with permission of Terry
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with permission of Terry
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with permission of Terry
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with permission of Terry
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with permission of Terry
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with permission of Terry
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with permission of Terry
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with permission of Terry
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with permission of Terry

WolfTrap Show (Vienna, Virginia) Sept 7, 2003

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The Borgata Casino And Spa Atlantic City, NJ  Sept 6, 2003
Pictures here with permission from Gina Martin

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 This is a picture of me in my Meat Loaf robe. This robe was sent to me by
Patti Russo. Thanks again Patti-I still love it.

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See Credits & Disclaimer Page
(The pictures on any of my MeatLoaf pages can be copied for personal use only. They may not be copied and put on your website, unless you contact me first.)


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